Signature Dishes

We have something for everyone at Kam’s Roast. All our mouth-watering recipes have achieved international acclaim after being tried and tested for generations in our kitchen. We procure the freshest premium ingredients and pay great attention to each detail to bring out the flavours and textures that we have become famous for. Here are some photos to whet your appetite!

Kam’s Signature “Lo Sui” Duck
“Lo Sui” is the Master Sauce, a blend of specially selected premium spices, cooked with Traditional recipe created by Mr Kam Shui Fai (Founder of 75 years old Hong Kong Yung Kee Restaurant). This Master sauce is reused, replenished but never replaced, adding flavour with each frequent boil.
Kam's Premium Sausages
Chef Recommends厨師推介‘Lap Cheong 腊肠’. ‘Liver Sausage 膶肠’
Kam’s Roast Duck
Hong Kong's famous Michelin-starred Kam's Roast Goose is now in Singapore as Kam's Roasts!

Led by Mr. Hardy Kam, a 3rd-generation successor of Yung Kee it promises nothing but the best you expect in Roast Duck delights!

Suckling Pig
A must that is served in the finest restaurants and all banquets is SUCKLING PIG. Our Suckling Pig is roasted gently under the keen eyes of our professional chefs resulting in the most tender meat that is succulent and gelatinous, coming from the collagen in a piglet. Our roasting levels are such that you get that crunch from its crispy skin that you never thought possible. This dish is a must on your table!
Toro Char Siu
A creation of Hong Kong's BBQ Meat specialist Mr. Kinsen Kam, our unique TORO BBQ PORK is made from prime pork belly with the balance of fat and lean meat, all marinated in the Kam Family's secret recipe. The result is a thick cut meat that's tender, juicy and flavorful with a perfectly charred skin complete with subtle sweetness that melts in your mouth.
Kam's Red Bean Soup is a mildly, sweet-flavored nutritious dessert delicately brewed with top-grade red beans and Aged Orange Peel 'Chen Pi'.

Our 'Chen Pi' is decades old and is of the highest quality. The aging process makes the peel extra potent, aromatic, warm and pungent.
Hong Kong Wonton Noodles
Our al dente​ noodles comes served in a hot ​, steaming family-recipe bouillon, garnished with Kam's ​fresh hand-made, goldfish-shaped wontons with premium prawn and pork fillings.
Kam's Roast uses only top quality, free-range ducks for our signature dish, Roast Duck. Our experienced professional chefs dedicate hours of preparation to bring you this delight. Using innovative methods, our duck meat is marinated with our secret Kam's Recipe allowing the sauce to seep proportionately into the meat while roasting. What you get is a moist, perfectly roasted, mouth-watering, delicious duck roast topped with a crispy, golden skin,
Our roast is served with an authentic sauce that acts as a translucent condiment. It is a distinct blend of sweet and sour taking your pallet to new tasting heights! No visit to Singapore can be complete without dining on Roast Duck at Kam's Roast!!
It is a strong source of vitamin C, providing a natural and potent way to enhance our immune system, drive away ‘dampness’ and it’s related symptoms. It also aids digestion and can be particularly effective in digesting fatty foods.  
The soup's vibrancy of red signifies happiness and luck in our Chinese culture.
The noodle is also served "dry" with Kam's Michelin-starred Roast toppings. 
This famous family noodle was launched by Mr. Kam ​ShuiFai ​ in his Hong Kong
​Yung Kee  restaurant 75 years ago. His son  ​Kinsen ​Kam perfected it. Today, third-generation family member Hardy Kam brings this famous Hong Kong delicacy to Singapore.